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FNL Denim- Shop Story


Los Angeles Factories

In the fall of 2011 after taking a tour of the Art Institute of Santa Monica, they quickly realized that fashion school wasn’t the direction for them. FNL wanted to focus solely on making one of a kind designs to create a more exclusive brand. They hit the streets of downtown LA looking for fabric, pattern makers, and factories. Networking with some people in the fashion industry they realized after a few production runs starting a fashion company wasn’t nearly as easy as expected.


learning tosew

Many trips to different factories over the next couple years started to take a toll on their bank accounts. The two quickly realized if they wanted to make one of a kind jeans they were going to need a very large investment or learn how to sew the custom jeans themselves. Not wanting to leave the fait of FNL in the hands of an investor they moved back home to start the vigorous process of learning how to sew.



Day in and day out, FNL would sew from early morning till late afternoon and immediately head into serving tables. All the money they made was invested into sewing machines and quality fabric. After trial and error with hundreds of jeans, FNL got to the point where they believed their custom jeans were ready to be sold. Not wanting to dilute their brand by selling to boutiques they decided to run a kickstarter. The successful kickstarter gave them the confidence and proof of concept to seek out a business partner.


FNL was blessed with finding a strategic business partner who helped bring the first brick and mortar location to life. With the resurgence of their hometown FNL knew that the local support would continue to drive sales and spread the word. Not knowing they would sell hundreds of jeans within the first couple months FNL had to postpone their website due to the overwhelming support of Wichita, Kansas. Realizing the demand for FNL’s the founders knew the next step was crucial.


FNL has taken a completely different approach to launching their website, with all jeans being made to order by Frank and Levi. FNL wants to create an experience that is missing in the fashion industry, a personal touch, satisfaction guaranteed, and lifelong relationships with their clients. Frank and Levi continue striving to make the perfect fitting pair of jeans for every client, whether that means fittings in their brick and mortar or flying to personally do the fitting themselves.