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Denim 101

FNL's focus is to invent one of a kind jeans using the highest quality fabric called Selvedge denim. The name selvedge comes from the term "self-edge," and is traditionally woven on narrow shuttle looms, producing a clean edge with no fray. This type of denim is known for its durability and premium quality. 

The term "raw" means the denim is fresh off the loom and hasn't been washed or treated. Selvedge denim enthusiast prefer raw denim because it produces a high contrasting fade that are unique to the body of the wearer. The heavier weighted denim tends to cause more friction heightening the contrast of the fades. The heavier the denim the more intense of a break in process, which is why FNL's raw stretch selvedge denim eliminates the break in process and the jeans are comfortable immediately.